How to Make Your First Cold Email Smoking Hot

Hi there! Nevena from the outreach team here. If you’re reading this, that probably means you’ve been using our tools (and if you haven’t – what a great time to …

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Updates and Automation

Hello there! Andrés from the software team here. I wanted to share with you some details about what we’ve been working on at Etools and why.   First of all, …

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New Version of Etools

Hello, Shadi here! We’re (extremely) excited to finally announce the new version of Etools. I thought it would be a good idea to explain some of the things that have …

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Forget Me Not – The Importance Of Follow-up Emails

Hello, Danica from sales team here! Today I would like to share some thoughts on the importance of sending follow-up emails when doing prospecting for a company. People working in …

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How to Find the Owner of a Website

Hello, Shadi here! One of the main things sales people, or sometimes even SEO guys, look for, is the emails behind a domain. When you know valid emails behind a …

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