(New) Changes in subscription model

Hello everyone, Shadi here

I wanted to update our existing users about a few changes that we have done to our subscription model:

* All pricing and limits are now company wide, not per accounts. We think this is more fair to our customers, as the pricing would be more related to the extracted value.

* Limits are now per month, and not per day. Demo accounts (after trial) will have a limit of 50 queries a month.

* You can have unlimited* users under any of the plans.

* Users from the same company/team will all share the same pool of queries that the company has subscribed for.

* 1 use (or query) is a use of Email Finder, Site Finder, or Site Matcher (unsuccessful or duplicate queries are not counted).

* The “PRO” plan isn’t available anymore. All companies which have had this plan have been automatically upgraded to the new “Growth” plan at no additional cost.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me at anytime 🙂


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