(New) Automatically verify emails on Gmail


As you may know already, bounced emails are bad for several reasons. Not only it’s a waste of time to compose a message to an address that doesn’t exist, it also increases your chances of being marked as spam!
Today I have a good news for you. We have just launched a new feature that will enable you to automatically verify email addresses right on Gmail.
After allowing the Gmail integration, all emails you send will be automatically (or manually, if you prefer) checked whether they exist or not.
To activate the feature, simply go to Gmail, click on the Etools extension icon, and tick the checkbox.
A few notes:
  • Please note that each verification is counted as 1 query (duplicate verifications aren’t counted).
  • When the icon is “?”, it means that for some reason we couldn’t verify the email. Hover over for more details:


  • If you prefer to verify the emails manually rather than automatically, you can do that right on Gmail:



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