How to Find the Owner of a Website

Hello, Shadi here!

One of the main things sales people, or sometimes even SEO guys, look for, is the emails behind a domain. When you know valid emails behind a website, you can send the owner your pitch, proposal, or whatever request you may have.

Let’s look at the popular methods people have been using:

  • Classic Whois

Whois services can show you the details that the website owner has entered while registering a domain. Unfortunately, many websites you may want to contact are already hiding those details (using PROXY/hidden emails).

We at Etools, have built a simple Whois tool, which has the extra feature of marking those domains, so you won’t waste your time.


  • Scraping the website

Another way to find emails behind a website, is by looking in “Contact us”, or “About us” pages. Many website owners put their emails in there.


  • Mail guessing

Using simple tools like mail-tester, you can try to guess emails behind a website. If let’s say you’re trying to find emails behind, by using the mail-tester tool, you can try combinations like: to find one that is valid.

Some combinations to try: Admin, Contact, Me, Sales, Support, Owner.


  • Checking other domains owned

One of the tools we have on our browser extension, is a tool that find other websites that are owned by the same person.

If you examine, for example, with our extension, you will see that we also own If you’re trying to contact the guys behind, it would be smart to look for emails on as well 🙂


  • Combining all of the above

Our email finder combines all of the above, and automatically filters out emails that we don’t think are valid/relevant. If you haven’t already, go ahead and give it a try!

Email finder can also be found on our Chrome extension.

Hope you found the post useful!


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