How to land in inbox

Hi, Shadi here.

If you currently approach a number of people a day via email (10+), pitching your product/service, then optimising your emails and making sure to avoid SPAM folder is a must.

While working for a long time as a sales manager myself, I got to know and try many methods that can help increasing the chances of landing in someone’s inbox, here are the most useful ones:

  • Try this great (and free) tool to find out what you’re doing wrong, and whether you’re listed in one of the blacklists around the web.
  • Write personal emails: The age of mass mailing is over. Not only you’ll get blacklisted and continuously land in SPAM, but people will also ignore your emails (and later your brand) if they feel you’re sending them a template. Invest some time in actually looking at the website, and try to mention something specific¬†that you loved about the site.
  • Avoid too much links: The less links you have in your message (including the signature), the less likely your email will go to spam. In many cases, though, I wouldn’t recommend not having any link to your website.
  • Avoid “shiny” subjects: We found out that email subjects like “An opportunity to join the biggest network in the world” are simply being avoided. The more avoided your emails are, the more likely they’ll get marked as SPAM. Subjects like “Regarding your website” is a great way to get people to actually open the email.
  • Don’t send too many emails: Invest your time in writing more personal emails, and not in sending to as many people. I’d recommend sticking with 50 emails a day max.

Hope that was helpful, feel free to approach us if you have any questions!


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