1 Simple Trick for Boosting the Reply-rate to Your Emails

Hello again, Shadi here

First of all, sorry I haven’t been posting on blog lately, we’ve been extremely busy improving Etools for you 🙂

It’s truly interesting how most people I’ve worked with (including me) weren’t aware of this:

“80% of potential opportunities are lost without trace simply due to lack of follow-up” Source: MarketingDonut

For me, I thought that it’d be much less significant. If someone ignored my email once, it won’t work if I try again. Let alone trying up to 5 times!

But, like in many other cases, I was wrong. I gave it a try, and it did work, like magic.

We started sending up to 5 followup emails for each lead that didn’t answer, and I didn’t really expect to receive messages, after the 3rd followup:

Hey, I’m sorry, I haven’t seen your messages earlier

After this simple change, more than half of the leads we closed came from followup emails.

The good part: it can all be done in 1 click

What we did for a few months, was simply scheduling reminders to make the followup emails. Sometimes in Google Calendar. If you tried to do that manually, you know it’s a real hassle.

However, we lately found a great software called Rebump. It’s super easy to setup, and has many options to customise it. Then, once you do, it adds a checkbox to your Gmail, which once clicked automatically schedules up to 5 followups in case the lead doesn’t reply back:

Rebump screenshot


They’re also extremely cheap with plans of $5 or $12 a month, and a 30-day free trial.

If you have any question or feedback, feel free to contact us at anytime – contact@etools.io



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