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Hello there! Andrés from the software team here.

I wanted to share with you some details about what we’ve been working on at Etools and why.


First of all, some key highlights of the past few months:

  • We added email address verification directly to Gmail through our Chrome extension.
  • Released the shiny new version of the website and tools.
  • Integrated the workflow of Finder, our powerful search engine for discovering the websites of your ideal customers or targets, directly to Revealer, our insights and contact information tool, in order to streamline the outreach process.

The important keywords here are workflow, process, and streamline. These are all fundamental concepts of automation. At Etools, we’re constantly evaluating where we should put our efforts in order to help our users do more effective outreach while saving time and mental energy.


Phase 1 of this effort was the creation of the fundamental tools for finding and reaching out to the people that you need to connect with for your specific goal. The result of this work has been a suite of tools that already helps organizations reduce the time that they spend on these tasks to less than 10% of what it used to be!

Phase 2, which we have started already, aims to integrate together these tools into a seamless workflow that you can walk through effortlessly. In addition, we are working on covering more of the stages of the outreach process, using the experience and accumulated knowledge of our own outreach department combined with the feedback from our users. We’re building smarter and more comprehensive tools and services, and they’ll be directly connected to each other. This will take the worries and time wasting away from the process of connecting personally with the people you need to reach.

Email Automation doesn’t mean sending out tons of emails to a huge email address database and hoping that some of them will reply or be interested. For us, email automation means connecting more effectively with the right people. Integrating together tools and solutions is the only way to scale up your process and reach more people, more effectively.

We’ll also be integrating with external tools to make your process even more automated, so please let us know if there’s any specific tools or software solutions that you would like to see integrated with Etools. Just shoot me an email at andres@etools.io and let’s talk about it!

Author: Nevena

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