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Common Questions


How is Email Finder different from Whois?

We found that at least 55% of Whois data is either hidden or incorrect. Email Finder scans current and archived Whois results, crawls the internet, and much more. Besides that, emails found on non-Whois sources, seem to have higher reply-rate due to the lower competition.


What's a query?

A query is counted when a successful use occurs on Email Finder, Site Finder, or Site Matcher. Duplicates (in 24 hours) or unsuccessful queries are not counted.


Can I cancel anytime?

Yes. Our service is month-by-month, and you can cancel anytime from your dashboard. Once you have cancelled, you can still access your premium plan until the end of your subscription month.


Can I see my usage metrics?

Yes. Using your Dashboard, you can see all the queries you have made since the day you registered.

What is Site Finder?

The Site Finder is a handy tool that we have developed to help companies finding lists of relevant websites, based of keywords, services used, and more.


Are there special prices for bigger teams?

Yes. Companies looking for more than 7000 uses a month enjoy a special discount and features. Please contact us for more information about this.


Is there a presentation that I can forward to decision makers?

Yes, you can download it here


What if I have other questions?

We'll be glad to hear or discuss anything you have to say, so feel free to contact us.